Artificial plants that really bring a room to life

Swap real plants for artificial plants? There are numerous reasons not to choose real plants and to only use artificial alternatives.

Nowadays, artificial plants look both beautiful and natural and also fit your space better in terms of shape and size. Artificial plants can also be used alongside real plants.

Flora World specialises in designing, importing and distributing stunning, high quality artificial plants and trees. We focus on B2B wholesale and supply our products to retailers, webshops and interior landscapers.

Our approach is personal and well thought-through. Our many years of experience means we can find the perfect artificial planting products for all your projects and realisations.

No.1 in service and quality

All our plants and tress are of exceptional quality and look very natural; nobody will be able to tell the difference. We work with synthetics that are mainly manufactured from natural materials such as viscose and cellulose (also called artificial silk). We also use eco-friendly plastics and natural materials such as (reclaimed) wood for the production of our plants. Some of our range comprises fire-retardant and UV-resistant artificial plants allowing the plants and trees to maintain their beautiful condition all year round.

From palm trees to hanging plants, cacti and special trees... Our range is hugely varied and offers so much variety that we can always find the right plant at the right time. Our huge advantage? We always have a good stock of artificial plants and trees available so we can deliver quickly and without a fuss. Specific questions about our products or need advice? Our team is ready to help.

Extensive selection and stock

Want to know more about the collection? Contact us for more details and information or download our online catalogue. Would you like to order one of our plants or trees? We work with a personal login and account so that you always have access to accurate prices and can see, at a glance, which plants and trees are in stock. Quick, efficient and always accurate. Contact us to request your own dealer login.

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